Website Visitor Stats

Easy to use Website Visitor Stats System

Website Visitor Stats is a PHP Web Application that is simple and easy to use. The program keeps track of all your website visitors that come to your websites and even grabs location details and some other useful data, You can even assign a user to one or more website's so when they login they can view reports and traffic stats.


Although compatible with most operating systems, we cannot guarantee that this software will run in every environment or together with any other application, without producing errors. Any liability for damage of any sort is hereby denied.  You are solely responsible for your files, server and data

Please test/evaluate this software with non-critical data before use.

Designed & developed by Ignite Pros, Inc.

This software uses open-source plugins such as bootstrap.

Copyright © IGN Pros, Inc. 2016 All right reserved.

Main Features:


Main Dashboard Screen Explained:

1. - Top bar shows total unique traffic which only counts unique ip's to give you the total unique traffic.

2. - Total traffic shows you all visitor even if they visited one or more times.

3. - Last 100 visitors shows you all the visitor location on a map. Which can be really neat to see where are your visitors are coming from.

4. - Top Traffic by Website show you all NON Unique traffic going to each website.

5. - Search box to search all visitors in Database. You can search by IP, City, Country or website name.

6. - Traffic Stats by day show each day how much unique traffic was collected.



The installation of Website Visitor Stats is very simple:

- Make sure you have a minimum of PHP 5.4 + Apache2.4 on you server

- Copy all files to your server using any FTP client (ie: filezilla, cuteftp)

- Give full read and write permissions to file called captured and core/db_set.php

- Login to PHPMyAdmin and create a database. You can name it anything you want

- Point your browser to the Website Visitor Stats folder  (example:

- You should be redirected to your install.php (example: then follow the step to install Website Visitor Stats

- Sign in as (username:  admin  password:  admin)

- Change admin password by clicking on my profile


Additional Notes:

- Please change admin account password once setup.

- You may need to logout/login for some changes to take effect


You can set all configuration options by editing the core/db_set.php file or you can find them in Site Settings page > Under Admin Settings.

All configuration options begin with comment explanation so read them carefully before changing them. 


Website Visitor Stats is tested and compatibile with:




Server Versions


Operating Systems

(Tested on x86 and x64 platforms)


Version upgrades are free. Please contact us if you need help installing.

Version 1.0.0 - 10 November 16

Version 1.0.1 - 20 November 16

Why would a registered new users have trouble logging in ?

Admin must edit user in Admin Setting, and set to "Active" and save user.

Why would a website not recieve any traffic stats ?

Make sure you verified that you added the addition code to the website and that website is set to active in the website list. If you think you hit your 1,000 daily request then you need to purchase a plan with IP Info (


Thanks so much to:

Aylee for logo/image design

IP Info for having a free plan, 1,000 daily limit GEO IP Location. Need more?



Thanks to open-source guys at:

Bootstrap and jquery